Feedback and testimonials from regular golfers and golf instructors

I have used the Green SpeedReader numerous times and find it to be one of the best inventions for golfers in years!  Finally I have something that tells me the speed of every green!  I would heartily recommend it to all who play golf.  It is a “must have” item in your bag!

Anthony Scavo- Atlanta, GA

It is the first thing I use it to teach all of my students about putting. We use it on the practice greens, golf course, and I even let each of them take one home to practice at home. I cannot begin to tell you how advantageous it has been for not only my students, but myself too!

Calvin Dean (golf instructor)- Greensboro, N.C.

Building my base, doing my speed matching- only been a week so far, but already seeing improvement with my putting speed control. I certainly recommend building your base at home first then adjusting from there on the greens. Thanks guys!

Larry Henderson- Ft. Wayne, IN

I was having a hard time trying to teach my daughter how to putt. This green speed reader has really helped her out. She practiced in our house all the time and now her putting speed control is probably her strongest skill. Not bad for a 10-year old....thanks!

Joe Mark- Cambridge, MA

Very consistent, easy to use, and lots of extra uses for it besides the obvious. Recommend to any golfer or instructor to use for their students.

Kevin Gerrod (golf instructor)- St. Augustine, FL

I bought one because a co-worker knew about it. We checked out the website and bought one. It's just great. Whenever I grab my putter, it comes with it. Thanks! 

Christian Horner- Boulder, Colorado

Works great. I like the addition of the stimpmeter comparison chart. I know it may be a bit strange, but after I watch a PGA tournament on TV, I look up the green speed they were playing on and then go practice that speed.

Robert Pederson- Richmond, VA

Been golfing for 32 years and this is the first golfing aid I've ever used. My golf course doesn't even have a Stimpmeter, so that is why I bought it. I've learned my "base" speed at home and now I just make my adjustments from there. Saved 4-5 strokes off my game so far. Recommend it to anyone.

Arthur McDowell- Tampa, FL

I used it with a friend in a local amateur tournament in Chattanooga, TN. We compared it to a real Stimpmeter and it was just as accurate and sometimes better! Everyone was asking about it.

John Lawrence- Knoxville, TN

My male golfing buddies got so mad at me for constantly beating them on the golf greens that they all went out and bought one too! Ha, now my secret is out!

Cindy Thompson- Austin, TX

I love the putting games. My only complaint is that my son is now starting to beat me at home!

Chris Atkins- Columbia, S.C.

I'm amazed at how much such a simple device has done to improve my putting game. No more guessing the speeds for me!

Ron McQueen- Orlando, FL

You guys were right! How did I ever play without it!! Thank you so much!

Michael Hallman- Florence, KY

I use it almost every day at home to practice my putting speeds. I can't begin to tell you how much it has improved my game.

Scott Weimers- Jacksonville, FL

The Golf Green SpeedReader surpasses the Stimpmeter in many areas...especially accessibility and functionality for the non-professional golfer.

Professional golf instructor- John Chandler- Charlotte, NC

I love it. It works so well on the golf course. Thanks for the tips and help!

Carrie Bowden- Dallas, TX

Being the eternal skeptic and a regular user of many different golf aids over the years, I had my doubts when a gentleman initially showed it to me. How could something so simple be so helpful? So, I did my normal research and now it is such a part of my regular game that I almost consider it one of my clubs! I virtually need my green speed reading every time I play now!

Charles Graham- West Palm Beach, FL

I played with a guy who was using one and didn't understand how it worked at first. But after he started telling us the exact green speed of each hole we played on, I certainly understood the benefits and bought one immediately. Now, I use it every time I play.

Craig Samelson- Kissimmee, FL


Juan Martinez- White Plains, NY

Well, I'm a new guy to golf, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm not sure how well I'm supposed to be putting right now, but my putting is the only thing that at least keeps me close to my more experienced golfing buddies. I'm even better than some of them...haha!

Ryan Goldsen- Raleigh, NC



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