Learn the backswing you need for every green speed and putting distance! Learn the backswing you need for every green speed and putting distance!

Discover your Personal Putting Stroke

Learn to Remove the Guesswork and Improve Your Game

Learn the putting stroke to use
for any putting distance on the current green speed! After you measure the green speed, the
Backswing Practice Guide
will show you how to match your putting stroke to the green speed on which you are playing.
Finding the putting stroke to use to compensate for changes in the green speeds will significantly improve your distance control.

Get a mental reference for every green speed

Backswing Guide: Determines the backswing requried for putt distance

Match Your Putting Stroke to the Green Speed

Practice putting different distances on the current green speed. Using the ruler as a guide, note the backswing length (of your putting stroke) that you need to use to putt the distance that you are practicing. (Also, use it as an alignment device to practice your putting line and to ensure you are striking the ball straight.)

Discover your putting stroke for any putting distance

Golf green speeds only a few moments away!

Learn the backswing you need for every green speed and putting distance!

Record and Refer when You Play

When you've determined your backswing length for a particular putting distance, record it and create your own putting distance card for your putting style. Refer to this card when you play (especially when the green speeds change). Simply knowing the correct putting stroke to use will greatly increase your ability to judge your putting speed accurately!

Increase your confidence and ability to read the greens
with your putting distance card

Reading the Greens Speed Guide to find the green speed and learn golfing fundamentals

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