Golf Green SpeedReader: Learning new green speeds


The Goal: Mastering different golf green speeds

If, after developing a standardized putting stroke, you want to try to develop a standardized putting stroke for another putting speed, use the same techniques and drills you used previously.

The specifically designed golf drills used to develop a standardized putting stroke can be used on any surface and under any conditions. Ideally, a new speed should be learned on a surface that can be consistently repeated over time. Repetition over time is the only true way to develop significant muscle memory for any putting stroke standardized to a specific speed.

The following list of golf games and drills can be used on the practice green, at home, or for any surface speed you want to learn.


: Games are designed to be used in a linear fashion beginning from the first game/drill and progressing from there. Golfers with the best results have adhered to these guidelines.

Golf Instructor Recommendations:

1. Use the Golf Green SpeedReader to measure the speed of the surface before each drill so you know what speed you are practicing.

2. Use the engraved ruler to measure the distances.

3. Play one game in one direction and another back to your starting spot.

4. Each game is designed to develop specific speed control skills. Practice inside while watching TV, during commercials, or whenever. Compete with family or friends. It's a fun, relaxing break and also helps your putting skills!

Point, distance, and shot system is for guidance. Be creative and change or add rules. Even vaccum the carpet to change the speed!

Golf training games: basic speed matchingBasic Speed Matching

Rating: easy
Players: one
Shots: 5+ successive shots
Distance: Carpet speed

Match the speed of the Golf Green SpeedReader. Try to get all putts within 4 inches of the distance set by the Golf Green SpeedReader.

Don't go over the cliff!Over the Cliff

Rating: easy
1 or more
Shots: 3 successive putts each
Distance: 12+ feet

Create an imaginary line or 'cliff' that you cannot go over. Closest to the line without going over wins. Only the closest ball wins. One point for each victorious round. Play to five.

Get in the cage!The Cage

Rating: moderate
1 or more
Shots: 3 successive putts each
Distance: 12+ feet

Set up a 'cage' against a wall with some books. Putt the ball inside the cage without hitting the wall. 1 point for each ball in the cage, but only the closest balls to the wall win points! Vary the 'cage' size. Play to five.

Touch the cup!Horseshoe Putting

Rating: moderate
Players: 1 or more
Putts: 3 successive putts each player
Distance: 15+ feet away

Putt to touch the cup. You must be within 6 inches to count. Touching the cup= 3pts. Closest to cup=2pts. Anyone within 6 inches=1pt. Play to ten.

Knock the other player away!Shuffleboard Putting

Rating: moderate
Players: 2 or more
Shots: Alternating shots

Same as horseshoe putting, but try to knock the other player out of the way.

Fine tune your speed control!Accuracy Putting

Rating: difficult
Players: 1 or more
Shots: 3 successive solo practice/
alternating shots with 2+ players
Distance: 12 feet

Must hit the ball and not make it move over 4 inches from its location. Points only for touching the ball. 5 points for each touch. Alternate shots for 2 or more players. Play to thirty.

Perfect your skills!Distance Matching

Rating: difficult
Players: one
Shots: 9 successive
Distance: Carpet speed + 3 feet + 3 feet

Incrementally mark off three successive distances with 3 feet or greater between each. Start with the farthest distance, attempt to match 3 putts at that distance. Work closer until you try each distance. Try to get every ball within 6 inches of each distance. 

Don't hold back, go all-in!I'm All-In!

Rating: very difficult
Players: 1 or more
Shots: 3 successive putts each

Same as "The Cage" putting but every ball must be inside the cage to win a round. 1 point available for each round. Play to three.

How good are you really?Blindfold Putting

Rating: very to extremely difficult
Players: 1 or more
Shots: 5 successive

Think you are pretty good? Try basic speed matching with a blindfold over your eyes! This great game really makes you focus on the 'feel' of your putt and your ability to visualize. Try to get each ball within 6 inches of the distance. For a real challenge, try "Distance Matching" with a blindfold! 

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