Golf Green SpeedReader: Learning green speeds at home

The Goal: A Standardized Backswing Stroke

Consider the myriad of variables to calculate and it is no mystery why golfers give away more strokes in the short game than any other part of the game.

How can any golfer begin to consistently account for all of these variables without having a standardized place from where to make adjustments?

By using a standardized backswing stroke for a specific green speed and distance, golfers can reduce the amount of variables to consider and learn how to make precise adjustments from this standardized backswing to compensate for various putting green speeds, distances, and slopes.

How to do it: Find the home or office "green" speed

Developing the backswing length for your putting stroke that matches an "average" green speed is ideal. It is the "middle ground" speed; the one you will be playing the most. After learning the average speed first, making adjustments to other speeds is much easier to do.

One great secret is that most household or office carpet speeds closely simulate "average" green speeds.

By measuring and practicing on a carpet, we can develop the backswing lengths we need to use for this golf green speed while at home or the office. A "6 speed" is a 6-speed, regardless of where it was measured.

If you don't develop your backswing lengths for any other green speed, do it for the average green speed. This backswing stroke can be used on the greens as the foundation from where to make adjustments to possibly faster or slower green speed.

By following specific golf drills and games that develop muscle memory and "feel", standardized backswing strokes for an "average" green speed can be developed at home until it becomes second nature.

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