Learn the backswing you need for every green speed and putting distance! Learn the backswing you need for every green speed and putting distance!

Determining the Golf Green Speed

First, it's a personal Stimpmeter and easy to use!

Simply extend the ramp, place a golf ball against the top surface, and let it roll. The Golf Green SpeedReader™ uses a stable "tower" design to ensure accurate rolls from the same height and angle every time. This reduces operator error produces even more accurate, consistent, & reliable
green readings than the official Stimpmeter.

Green speed readings in just a few moments!

Golf Green SpeedReader extending from stowed position to measure golf green speeds
Setting up a measurment to learn important golfing fundamentals and read golf green speeds
Golf green speeds only a few moments away!

No Extra Tools Required!

Measure the distance the ball rolls to determine the green speed. When fully extended, the Golf Green SpeedReader™ transforms into a 24 inch ruler. Unlike the official Stimpmeter, there's no need to carry extra tools to measure the distance the ball rolls!

Measure the distance with the built in ruler!
Extend ramp to reveal 24-inch ruler!
Folding ramp doubles as a ruler!

Simply Read the Green Speed!

Find the distance you measured on the Green Speed Guide™ to determine exactly how fast the green is playing. The Golf Green SpeedReader is proportionally scaled to USGA™ standards, so you can use the Conversion Guide™ to find the equivalent Stimpmeter readings. Finding the green speed is easy, yet very important if you want to putt like the pros!

Scaled to the official USGA™ Stimpmeter

Reading the Greens Speed Guide to find the green speed and learn golfing fundamentals

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