Golf Training Games & Drills

Learn at your home or on your local golf course/putting greens

The following drills were specificially designed to help you develop muscle memory and "feel" for the putting speed on different green speeds and putting distances.

Golf training games: match the speed of the Golf Green SpeedReader at home Before each drill, take the following steps:

1. Measure the surface speed and select a distance to practice
2. Locate the suggested backswing length for the distance
3. Begin your putt using this backswing length
     (If completed, use personal Backswing Length Card)
4. Line up the backswing length with the ruler for guidance.      Adjust the length until successful.
5. Now retry the drill without the ruler

Putting: lower scores, practice at home

NOTE : Games are designed to be used in a linear fashion beginning at the first game/drill and progressing from there. Golfers with the best results have adhered to these guidelines.

Point, distance, and shot system is for guidance. Be creative and change or add rules. Pictures not to scale.

1. Basic Speed Matching Golf training games: basic speed matching

Rating: easy
Players: one
Shots: 5+ successive putts
Distance: Carpet speed

Golf training games: basic speed matching Roll a ball off the Golf Green SpeedReader. Determine the backswing length you need to match the distance rolled off the Green SpeedReader. Try to place all practice putts within 4 inches of the distance.

After determining the backswing length you need to use to consistently stop all putts within 4 inches of the distance, remove the Backswing Guide ruler and try to repeat your results.

Begin to use the techniques described in the golfer tips section on how to apply your knowledge of your backswing length and personal putting stroke when you are on the greens during a regular round of golf.

This beginner drill helps develop feel and correlation for simple putting distances. It also provides a simple starting point to learn how to apply your new knowledge of putting green speeds to your putting game.

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2. Over the Cliff Don't go over the cliff!

Rating: easy
Players: 1 or more
Shots: 3 successive putts each
Distance: 12+ feet

Don't go over the cliff! xxxxx x xxx xxx. xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx. xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxx. xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx.

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3. xxx xxxx Get in the cage!

Rating: xxxxxxxx
Players: x xx xxxx
Shots: x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx
Distance: xxx xxxx

Get in the cage! xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx.

xxx xx x xxxxxx xxxxxxx x xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxx. xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxx. xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxx x xxx xx xx xxxx xxx xxxxxx.

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4. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Touch the cup!

Rating: xxxxxxxx
Players: x xx xxxx
Putts: x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx (x xx xxxx xxxxxx)
Distance: xxx xxxx xxxx

Touch the cup! xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx. xxxxx x xxx xx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx.

xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx, xxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xx. xxx xxx xx xxxxx x xxxxxx xx xxxxx. xxxx xx xxx.

xxxxxxx xxx xxx= xxxx
xxxxxx xx xxx= xxxx (x xxxxxxx)
xxxxxxx x xxxxxx= xxx

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xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx.

5. xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Knock the other player away!

Rating: xxxxxxxxx
Players: x xx xxxx
Shots: xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx
Distance: xxx xxxx xxxx

Knock the other player away! xxx xx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx; xxxxxxx, xxxxx xx x xx xxxxxxx x xxxxxx.

xxxxx xxxxxx'x xxxxx xx xx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx'x xxxx xxx xx xxx xxx, xxx xxxx xx/xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxx.

6. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Fine tune your speed control!

Rating: xxxxxxxxx
Players: x xx xxxx
Shots: x xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxx
Distance: xxx xxxx

Fine tune your speed control! xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx.

xxxx xx xx xxx xxx xxxxx; xxxxxxx, xxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx x xxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx.

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7. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Perfect your skills!

Rating: xxxxxxxxxx
Players: xxx
Shots: x xxxxxxxxx
Distance: x xxxx x x xxxxx x x xxxxx

Perfect your skills! xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx x xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx. xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx.

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How good are you really?8. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Rating: xxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Players: x xx xxxx
Shots: x xxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx

xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx x xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx!

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xxx x xxxx xxxxxxxxxx, xxx "xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx" xxxx x xxxxxxxxx!

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