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Teaching Tips

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Golf Instructors:
  • use to teach your students how to master their putting speed/distance control and understand the     importance of knowing the golf green speed
  • use to teach how much the green speeds change thoughout the day
  • use to teach your student how much to adjust their putting stroke to compensate for different green speeds
  • use to teach your students how to learn green speeds indoors at home or work during unfavorable weather     conditions or winter months

    Golf coaches:
  • use to measure any indoor or outdoor putting surface on which your team is practicing
  • use to measure the green speed at a tournament course
  • use to compare the practice putting green speed compared to the course green speeds
  • use backswing putting guide program to re-orient team members who are struggling with the yips, putting     speed control, or putting under pressure

  • Golf Academies:
  • use to increase the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of your putting program
  • use the Backswing Guide program as an additional way to help your students master their putting     speed/distance control, especially new and younger golfers
  • use to offer as a tournament prize or gift for completing your academy course or achieving a milestone

  • I used the Golf Green SpeedReader with my university golf team to help my players learn a mental reference for each green speed.

    I took it to our tournaments to measure the playing greens, to compare the practice greens to the playing greens, and to help our team make adjustments for the current (golf course) green speed. I think that detail helped us; we are going to the Nationals.

    I give it two thumbs up for functionality.

    As a coach, it's worth the price as a portable stimp meter. As a teacher, it's worth the price for teaching those students that can't get a feel for lag putts.

    Tom Tucker (NOT compensated for testimonial)
    Head College/University Golf Coach
    World Golf Teaching Federation "Top 100 Golf Teacher"
    United States Golf Teachers Federation Class "A" Teaching Professional

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