Golf Green SpeedReader
Your Personal Stimpmeter & Putting Aid to
Master Your Putting Game


Increase your confidence to read any green
Advance your skills with precise putting speed control
Gain more control over your putting game
Save time improving your putting skills
Add enjoyment to your game with lower scores

No risk to try it!

Save strokes or get your money back!
Lifetime guarantee on quality & craftsmanship**

Used by golf instructors and coaches
Helpful and effective for as long as you play golf!

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Green SpeedReader Stimpmeter Golf Swing Aids
Cost $57-$67 $70-$90 $30-$180+
Extra Costs to Use for Practice? NONE Costs of Measuring Tools $5 for every 40 practice swings*
Practice Area Putting Greens, Home, Work, Indoors Only measures greens Driving Range
Requires Extra Tools to Operate? NO YES N/A
USGA Standards YES YES N/A
Easy to Transport? YES NO VARIES
2-n-1 Design? YES NO NO
Speed Guide? YES NO N/A
Putting Guide? YES NO N/A
Includes Putting Program? YES NO N/A
Putting Distance Card? YES NO N/A
Lower Score Guarantee? YES NO NO
* based on average price of $5 for small bucket of practice balls at average driving range

"I use the Golf Green SpeedReader with my university golf team to help my players learn a mental reference for each green speed to improve their putting.

I take it to our tournaments to measure the playing greens, to compare the practice greens to the playing greens, and to help our team make adjustments for the current green speeds.

It was certainly part of the reason our team made it to the national tournament. I give it two thumbs up for functionality."

Tom Tucker
World Golf Teaching Federation "Top 100 Golf Teacher"
US Golf Teachers Federation "Class A - Teaching Professional"

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Golf Green SpeedReader with Putting Program $67 - (save $17) = $50
Remove the guesswork and master your putting game Use special code: "25today"

  Access to online putting program and putting drills ($50 value!)
  Includes Green Speed Guide, Conversion Guide, Backswing Practice      Guide, and Putting Distance Card

Ideal for :

  Beginners- to advance your skills with proper putting speed control
  Amateurs- to remove the guesswork and greatly improve your      confidence & ability to read and putt any green
  Professionals- to "re-calibrate" your putting stroke when needed
  Instructors/Coaches- to enhance and facilitate your ability to teach

Golf Green SpeedReader $57 - (save $14) = $43
More accurate, consistent, and portable than official Stimpmeter Use special code: "25today"

  Includes Green Speed Guide and Conversion Guide only

Ideal for :

  Individual golfers: to simply measure or compare golf green speeds
  Coaches: compare practice greens to regulation greens at different       courses; teach players mental reference for different green speeds
  Greenskeepers: for a more consistent, reliable, and portable       measuring device to maintain the greens

Putting Distance Guide Card -        $5

Know the putting stroke to use for any putting distance

Use to :

  find the correct stroke to use for any distance and green speed
  record your personal putting stroke for any putting distance
  master the green speeds and how to apply them to your game
  carry in your wallet and reference when you play

  Save strokes or your money back guarantee!
  Start improving your putting right now!

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Patent #: 6, 749, 527

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