Advance your Putting Skills
Simply knowing the golf green speed and using reference points to consistently judge your putting speed correctly can dramatically lower your score.

1) Measure and determine the current
     golf green speed

  • Like the pros, you must precisely know what       you are playing on before you putt

  • Compare the speed to other days, golf courses,       and how it changes throughout the day

  • 2) Learn the different distances for that      green speed

  • When you can consistently putt a distance, note      the backswing length you are using

  • Repeat this process for different
         putting distances

  • 3) Create a personal putting distance card

  • Create a putting distance card based on       the putting distance and green speed

  • Record the backswing length you used to putt       different distances on that green speed.

  • 4) Reference your putting distance card
         on the greens

  • Remove the guesswork when trying
          to judge your putting speed!

  • Greatly improve your confidence when
          unsure or under pressure

  • Gain control over the "yips" and objectively       eliminate your three-putts

  • 5) Improve your skills on your own time

  • Develop a mental reference for every speed &       muscle memory for each putting stroke

  • Use the putting program & practice drills
          to master any green speed

  • Practice at home, indoors, or on the putting       greens

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