Golf Green SpeedReader Referral Program

The Golf Green SpeedReader (GSR) offers a referral program to individual golf instructors, golf team coaches (high school, college, recreational), and golf academies.

The referral program offers a way for these leaders of our sport to:

1) earn money for recommending and using the Golf Green SpeedReader
     with their students/teams, or
2) pass on this money as discounts to their students/teams.

The two options are as follows:

1) Instructor/coach/team/academy receives $10 for each GSR recommended and subsequently purchased online by one of their students using a trackable discount code. This discount code will give the student a $10's off the retail price as well.

2) The instructor/coach/team/academy may pass on their discount to their students in exchange for a personal/team/academy promotional ad or logo placed on one side of each GSR puchased online by their students. With this option, their student will receive a 25% discount off the retail price.

Get started right now! It's easy!

Simply send us an email to the address below and ask for your discount code.

1) make money by using the Golf Green SpeedReader
2) provide discounts for your students to use Golf Green SpeedReaders

Contact us at the following address:


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