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  Golf Green SpeedReader
Your Personal Stimpmeter & Putting Practice Aid
to Master Your Putting Game


Putting practice aid and personal Stimpmeter

Learn the green speed and how to adjust to its changes like the pros 1. Measure the putting greens

Know the green speed every time you play!
Improve your ability to accurately read,
compare, and adjust
to the changing or
different types of putting green speeds

Learn the green speed and how to adjust to its changes like the pros 2. Master the different green speeds

Learn the exact putting stroke to use for
any green speed and putting distance
Learn to always use perfect putting pace!

***Personalizable to your putting style!***

Learn the putting speed to use for any putting distance 3. Apply it to your game

Record the putting stroke you need to use
for different distances on every green speed

Remove the guesswork before you ever
step on the green when you play


Increase your confidence to read any green
Greatly improve your putting speed control
Gain more control over your putting game
Save time learning to improve your putting
Add enjoyment to your game with lower scores

"I use the Golf Green SpeedReader with my university golf team to help my players learn a mental reference for each green speed to improve their putting.

I take it to our tournaments to measure the playing greens, to compare the practice greens to the playing greens, and to help our team make adjustments for the current green speeds.

It was certainly a big reason why we made it to the national tournament. I give it two thumbs up for functionality!"

Tom Tucker
World Golf Teaching Federation- "Top 100 Golf Teacher"
US Golf Teachers Federation- Class A - Teaching Professional

**Eliminate your three-putts today and become
the golfer you've always wanted to be!**

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**Guaranteed to save you strokes
or your money back!**

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